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tv   ABC 7 News at Noon  ABC  February 16, 2010 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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captioned by the national captioning institute >> good afternoon, everyone. we begin with breaking news from d.c. a new report says d.c. council member marion barry broke the rules when he get a contract to a former girlfriend. this report was commissioned months ago. sam ford is from the wilson building live with details. >> hello. we made -- you may recall the incident last summer, the fourth of july, he was stopped by park police for driving erratically. it all blew up and it involved his girlfriend, or ex-
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girlfriend. the council decided to allow the special counsel to deal with this matter. the special counsel issued the report to the d.c. council. they are talking about right now. in the report he recommended that barry be prosecuted by the u.s. attorney for corruption charges. the report says that barry made contracts -- his contracts to her were not obtained in a chord because barry did not disclose to those approved the contract that he had a financial, personal, and sexual relationship with her. the special counsel, bob bennett, said barry did not cooperate with the investigation and tried to impede it by trying to get her not to cooperate either.
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>> obtain the resources to do everything i can to of power -- and my >> but the council said barry used earmarks to funnel money to his family and friends, and he told how dramatic it was. in 2005, d.c. council had two earmarks that totaled $1.2 billion. last fiscal year, the council, just very alone, not the whole council, had 41 earmarks totaling nearly $9 million. the council has recommended, the special counsel has recommended that they get rid of earmarks, saying there is room for abuse. again they have recommended that this matter be turned over to the u.s. attorney for possible prosecution against councilmember marion barry.
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reporting live from northwest washington, sam ford, abc 7 news. >> very interesting. you will have the latest tonight at 5:00. the snow days are over for most school children in the area. slippery streets and sidewalks, mountains of snow. parents and students are dealing with this mess. >> the stroll to school became a real struggle. >> it is iac. >> is slippery over there. >> they did their best to keep their balance on block after block of unshoveled sidewalks. he walked his brother and sisters to school today. >> it took a while to get through the snow. >> we found crossing guard melissa perry doing her best to keep children safe while maneuvering streets filled with traffic. but it has been rough. i have seen a lot of kids fall this morning. they have nowhere to walk, i
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have no where to stand. it is ridiculous. >> some parents even question the wisdom of starting school today when they had to walk along sidewalks like this. del mcgee held his little ones up as they made their way to school. he thinks after all the time off, it is still too soon to head back to class. >> the sidewalks are not cleared and somebody could really hurt themselves. >> the difficult extends to the suburbs. we found icy roads and students walking on snow-covered streets on route 2 mclean high school. drivers ran into committing nightmares for the morning rush, and it is not over yet. pamela brown is live in rosslyn with more on the ongoing story. pamela? >> it is an ongoing story. many cmuters hoping that friday's gridlock would be a distant memory experienced a repeat today. one of the major point is here
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in rosslyn. things have calmed down for the most part, but at one point there was only one lane open on one street going to the district each way. commuters spend an extra hour in the car, and all of this was because of snow. a symphony of hunting horns echoed throughout roslyn this morning. only one passible lane on lynn street left drivers at a standstill for hours. the culprit was mounds of snow. this driver attempted to go from arlington to chevy chase and says it took an hour to go just two miles. >> it was bumper to bumper. >> other drivers on a two-hour delay still could not make it to work or school on time. >> awful. it took m45 minutes just to get off the freeway. >> i cannot do anything about it. i might as well enjoy it. listen to the radio, take it
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easy. >> the morning rush of nearly 2 million washingtonians hitting the road. snow still partially covered lanes on major thoroughfares. >> there is no place to put the snow, so it is nature taking its course and it will go away eventually everything will be fine. >> commuters ran into trouble on the beltway after a tractor- trailer overturned. some drivers even fell asleep at the wheel during our long backups. >> it is frustrating that we had a driver -- they could have closed iraq on the beltway and you would not have had this problem. we would not be sitting here. >> others had to navigate around mounds of snow are around the bus stops and sidewalks. many commuters we spoke to opted for metro now that it is operating in full service for bus and rail. but you have to think, if this is the way it was one with a two-hour delay, imagine what the
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evening commute is going to be like with everyone got home around the same time. reporting live in arlington, pamela brown, abc 7 news. you want to see some live traffic cameras any tim in a list of spots to avoid, log on to our website, the weight of the snow brought down an apartment building this morning at 4:00 a.m. in the 200 block of love dale lane in reston. the breezeway of several units collapsed. nine units had to be evacuated, but everyone got out safely. now they are without heat or power. many of us would like to have the snow gone for good. rian van de graaff has a look at our first forecast. >> other than a passing snow flakes or a flurry or two, as we head into the morrow, -- into
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the day tomorrow, nothing but a passing snow shower. we could not rule another quick hit of snow out tomorrow, but nothing widespread at nothing you have to measure with a yardstick. you can see the skies are fairly blue with a few clouds out there. the wind is howling out of the west, northwest at 70 miles per hour. 11 in hyattsville. we're shooting for a high later today in the mid to upper 30's. the afternoon wind chill will make it feel cooler than that. a chance for sunshine in the mix in the extended forecast, coming up. president obama announced $8 billion in loan guarantees to build the nation's first nuclear power plant in three decades. >> make no mistake, whether it is nuclear energy or so are or wind energy, if we fail to invest in the technology of
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tomorrow, we are going to be importing them instead of exporting them. >> this is the president making these remarks from the lanham, maryland, company that will build the georgia plant. it will be built near the south carolina border. it is expected to create thousands of construction jobs and 800 permanent jobs. th the scramble has already started to fill the senate seat of evan bayh. kordell robinson reports there could be a big impact in the balance of -- courtney robinson reports there could be a big impact in the balance of power in washington. >> one by one, democratic senators are saying they will not seek reelection, leaving democrats worry that republicans could once again regain control in the senate. >> i love having our citizens make the most -- i love helping our citizens make the most of their lives, but i do not love
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congress. >> senator bayh it is not only retiring, but saying that he is tired of partisan bickering. new hampshire possible republican senator, judd greg, says he can do more off the floor. >> we are not making the type of progress on the road on the big issues. >> there are now attend democratic held senate seats at ri, including democratic senator chris dodd. some say the democratic exodus could be more a reflection on the white house. >> we are seeing the same frustration from lawmakers that we're seeing in the country. they thought things were going to change with barack obama. the big problem for him, they are disappointed. >> the political scramble has started for all of them, senator by's announcement came as a shock to republicans and democrats. he had a lot -- a healthy lead in the polls in quite a bit of money in the bank. from the satellite center, courtney robinson, abc 7 news.
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jury section -- jury selection is underway today in the murder trial of a mother. her children's bodies were discovered in a freezer. she received a 25-year sentence on that charge. coming up on abc 7 news at no, a huge blow ainst the taliban insurgency. a top militant commander in u.s. custody. we will have more on the big break for the war on terror. and the guest of the search for a hiker trapped in a volcano crater. a few clouds remain, but will the flurries stay away?
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rescue crews are going in to try to wrest a climber who fell into a crater at mount st. helens. authorities had to call officers last night because of strong wind. a helicopter pilot spotted the 52-year-old climber in a snowbank, and got within 50 feet. the man fell into the crater when the snow beneath him gave way. to liotta is planning to slow down production at two assembly -- toyota is planning to slow down production at two assembly plants. production breaks have been scheduled for two weeks in march and april. a kentucky plant is also rescheduling production. 2.5 million vehicles across the country have been recalled to address problems with gas pedals, floor mats, and breaks. here is a site you do not see
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every day in washington. with the government closed monday, look at this -- sweaters -- sledders showed up on the snow in front of capitol hill. some ambitious people built their own frosty the snowman. that looks like fun, a kind of an unusual opportunity to have here. >> yes, good times. >> everything has been unusual, and now it seems,. a little bit calmer. the afternoon is providing us a little bit of sunshine, but i think we can see anoth chance of snow showers tonight or tomorrow. >> so nothing that is really going to accumulate? >> now, no yardsticks to measure. take a look at this shot from frederick this morning.
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clouds south and east of town. there is some blew popping up there, which is nice. -- there is some blue popping up there, which is nice. 29 in walkersville, 32 downtown. southern maryland, 35 in culpeper. a little bit of snow early this morning, sort of fun for jan. i want to show you that we do have energy across the great lakes, rotating through, working its way up to new england. this rotation, this pattern here, we could see some of the energy dropping across our area, mainly some clouds, maybe a passing snow shower or two. the wind is howling out of the northwest, 15 to 20 miles per hour, even higher gusts. that makes for a bit of a chill. definitely better out there.
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in the wind will start to calm down as we head through the afternoon. sunshine will be limited, at other times we could see more of it. tonight we are back into the teens and 20's. still mainly cloudy. a little bit of sunshine, so it will be slick once again. tomorrow, another passing snow shower, so watch out for that. still kind of cool, near 40. we are going to go mid to low 40's. the extended outlook, a fair amount of sunshine through monday. no big ones on the horizon. >> we will have to see what school systems decide for tomorrow. a lot of people are still closed today. we'll let everybody know on abc 7. iran is considering letting the families of three young american hikers visit them in prison. iran's top human-rights official says the family requested that
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visit several weeks ago. several college students have been jailed in iran since last july when they accidentally crossed the border into that country. as u.s. forces in afghanistan report success in a major offensive against the taliban, now comes word that the top military commander has been captured the shafran reports. >> it was about one week ago that pakistani and american intelligence agents launched a joint raid to capture mullah abdul ghani baradar. he is the most to benefit capture since the war began in 2001. it is significant because it is the most significant effort by the pakistani intelligence agency to go after an afghan taliban military commander accuses pakistan as a safe haven. the american intelligence has been pushing them to do so, but they have not to this point.
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it does not happen, the afghan surge simply cannot work. brodeur was swasn't -- barad er was the militant commander, describing the strategy for which troops are going to be attacked in afghanistan. it was him, not mullah omar, and now that he is in custody, he is said to be cooperating with officials who are interrogating him. still to come here on abc 7 news at noon, not a bad day on the mountain for americans going for the gold. then mitt romney in the midst of a near fight on an airplane. we will tell you about that. later today on oprah, she has been prepping for more than 20
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and then there's kraft macaroni & cheese. ♪ kraft has more cheese than those other guys. no wonder they call it the cheesiest! the fifth day of olympic competition underway in vancouver, and u.s. athletes are making their marks. bernie miller of the u.s. landed the runs yesterday, missing the silver by two 100ths of a second. a overall methods-8 overall medals with the u.s., germany with five, france and canada with four apiece. thinking about the hottest
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toys for the next holiday season, if you can believe that. the american international toy fair is underway in new york city. toymakers are showing off their must-haves. a modern take on the yo-yo, and eco-friendly toys like a doll house. brings in toy designers and sellers from all around the world. presidential candidate mitt romney was the center of a confrontation on a airplane yesterday. he and his wife for leaving vancour on air canada flight, and a man in front of them dropped his cpac, and when he -- his seat back, and when mitt romney asked him to return it during takeoff, he took a swing at him. the man was removed from
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every single day in aruba's a nice day. i mean, how do you people get anything done? you're in a meeting, and you say, "the fourth-quarter report is -- wow, what a nice day!" and everyone agrees, and the meeting's over. i mean, how do you do anything? well, it is a nice day. yeah. it is a nice day. there! see, i had no idea what we were talking about. oh, look, a crab.
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coming up tonight at 5:00, what is behind the trend to skip having babies at the hospital and give birth at home? it is not without risk. this evening, the look at the pros and cons of berthing at home. join us at 5:00. today is mardi gras, and the chilly weather is not stopping the festivities in new orleans. the usual beads and plastic coins. today is the tradional last day of gluttony before the season of lent begins with ash
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wednesday tomorrow. these are live pictures. books like a float? the bleachers? >> i cannot really -- >> you have got to be careful when you take live pictures in new orleans of mardi gras. you never know what you are going to see. >> it is 41 degrees. outside we have a little sunshine, but the breezes are pretty intense. a passing snow shower cannot be ruled out tomorrow as we have a little bit of energy working its way across the area. thursday and friday, back into some sunshine. even for the first half of the weekend, it looks pretty call. we are shortchanged for the month of february, running about 5.9 degrees below average for the whole month. maybe a little system next sunday, but no major system in sight just yet. sunday, but no major system in sight just yet.
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